Ink Colors

We use Plastisol Inks for all our textile printing. Plastisol inks are plastic based and need to be heat cured at 320° F. Plastisol inks are more durable than water based inks. The heat curing proccess permanetly bonds the ink to the textile. This is a list of the standard ink colors we provide.


  Lemon Yellow     Purple
  Golden Yellow     Brown
  Light Blue     Tan
  Ultra Blue     Jet black
  Navy Blue     Black
  Royal Blue     Matte Black
  Dallas Green     Light Gray
  Kelly Green     White
  Teal     Fluorescent Pink
  Lime Green     Fluorescent Red
  Dark Orange     Fluorescent Orange
  Dallas Red     Fluorescent Green
  Scarlet Red     Fluorescent Yellow
  Maroon     Gloss Clear


Pantone matched colors can be done for an aditional charge of $40 per color.
Please use the following Pantone chart when submitting color values to us.